Marriage Foundation

Building Your Marriage Foundation

An altar is a structure used for sacrifices, offerings, and worship. Altars are significant in the worship of God. The symbolic nature of an altar provides a metaphor couples can use in building a spiritual foundation for their marriage and life together.

In ancient times altars were usually made with unhewn stones. Each stone was carefully selected. Large foundational stones were placed to support the smaller stones. The stones can represent principles, beliefs, or traditions that you desire to bring into your marriage and build your foundation on.

The following activity may help you as you build a foundation for your marriage:

  • Individually make a list of “stones” (principles, beliefs, or traditions) you desire to bring into your marriage. Share why each is important to you.
  • As a couple, prayerfully select four foundational stones as your cornerstones.
  • Select the other principles you would like to bring into your marriage. Talk about different family backgrounds and traditions.  Discuss where they fit and how they can bless your lives together. 
  • Write down the principles, beliefs, and traditions you have discussed, and frequently reflect on them. Let them become part of your shared vision and desires. Adjust or add new principles as you grow and learn together.


  • How will this help strengthen your relationship with the Lord and each other?
  • How will this change your prayers, your behaviors, and focus together?
  • What principles do you want your children to cherish and hold sacred as much as you do?