Exodus to Zion 2012

Salem Utah Stake Youth Conference 2012

On July 18, 2012, seven hundred members of the Salem Utah Stake took the Lord at His word as they set out on a four-day Exodus, leaving their worldly cares behind in search of Zion. And find it they did.

Testimonies were born, others strengthened. Courage was found, miracles witnessed, and mercies received. Forgiveness, love, and inspiration abounded. As one youth said, “The Exodus was a time for me to realize the role Heavenly Father wants me to play in His eternal plan.”  The Salem Utah Stake Presidency wishes to express deep gratitude to the members of the stake for their faithfulness, love and support of this great journey “My Exodus To Zion.”

Our charge is to “continue the Exodus.” Continue to “depart from, or exit the world” and move closer to Zion, where we are of one heart and one mind, where there is no poor among us, where we love God above all things and place Him first in our lives. How do we do this you ask? We REMEMBER and act accordingly. 

exodusbook.jpgOur Exodus to Zion 

Following the Lord’s admonishment to the Nephites to record the spiritual things they had both seen and heard during Christ’s visit after His crucifixion, the Salem Utah Stake has put together this record of sacred experiences that happened in preparation for and during the 2012 “My Exodus To Zion.”

Written by members of the Salem Utah Stake and compiled by Lois Brown.                    Also on iTunes @ iTunes Books