Fortifying our Homes

Stake Conference: Alma 49 & 50

In the February 2014 Stake Conference, a voice of warning was given to the Salem Stake Members to read and ponder Alma 49-50 and receive revelation on what each family within the stake needed to do to fortify their hearts  marriages, children and their homes.   

The parallels of how Moroni  prepared his people for the times of certain war and attack of the Lamanites is symbolic of the attack and war that is facing our families and homes by satan today.  How  seriously we prepare and take the warning of our Prophets today will determine our safety and happiness in the future.  

Families may be uncertain how to fortify against the various evils of today.  These resources are to help individual and families to protect their homes. 

How to Fortify your Homes from Pornography
Instructions to help parents understand Internet filters, how to protect your cell phones, and protect your family from the Internet.

Exceptional site to help those struggling to understand and overcome pornography
Information to help parents in HOW to talk to their Children about Pornography
A powerful website for parents, youth, and those struggling to overcome.

A message to share with your young women
Bishop Richard J. McClendon (Maple Canyon Ward) shares an in-depth study on how Moroni’s counsel to fortify our homes can be applied today. 
A Pattern of controlling our Thoughts and overcoming addictions