12 Days of Christmas


Have you ever thought of doing the 12 days before Christmas for your spouse or someone very special to you?   Here is what you can do! 

  1. Write 12 love notes to express how you feel and are grateful for your companion or special someone.  Keep them simple and have fun thinking of all the ways they have blessed your life. 
  2. Buy some little inexpensive gifts that go with each note.  These are really simple little gifts that are fun, silly, or practical.  It is not about the gift, it is about taking time…to think of how you can surprise and share your love.
  3. Beginning on the night of DECEMBER 13, place your note and gift on their pillow (or someplace they will notice).  It will surprise you how fun this is.

Remember, this is not about the gifts, it is about sharing your love, your gratitude, and your heart.   Have a wonderful Christmas!